About Dana Glass Properties: We create communities with a high quality of life.Dana Glass Properties, Inc., (DGP)  is an award-winning new home developer, project and property manager of planned communities located throughout Pennsylvania. We create special places to live. Places where quality of life is in harmony with history, the environment and modern convenience. Whether purchasing or renting, a Dana Glass community is a very comforting place to call home. You will see it in the details, the playgrounds and village commons, the walking trails and nature conservation areas, the landscaping and above all the home design. We work with leading land planners, architects and home builders all with a common commitment to outstanding design and value. We are partners with the local communities where we work. Our goal is to become an extension of the community. We take the traditions of the past and the best design of the future and create neighborhoods that fit in perfectly into and enhance the communities where they are located.

Our corporate office is situated in the idyllic early american village of Lancaster County’s Lititz, PA. This is a source of inspiration for our community development platform.

In our single-family communities, we joint venture with regional builders. We do the land development and they do the home building. Our experience in community development, government relations, land planning, entitlements, site development, homeowners’ association, condominiums, and finance is our contribution. Our builder partners do the rest. We manage the association with a long-term view. We love to see  communities grow, the landscaping mature and our vision become reality. Our goal is to be a permanent part of the community, not just get the project up and running and then turn over to the residents. We hope we do such a good job that our residents retain us after project completion. This is our commitment to our home buyers.

Our multifamily properties are built to be strong, safe, vital neighborhoods. We design and build communities from the perspective of a resident and incorporate elements that make a house a home. You can tell by the way our community centers are designed, by the walking and bike trails, the swimming pools, the open spaces and the architectural design of our rental homes. We manage our communities with two guiding principles. First, that our communities are great places to live and, second, that the property is nurtured in its development and grows into a reliable, predictable asset. This is our commitment to our residents and development partners.

About Our Management

Michael S. Glass – Co-founder, President and CEO

Michael Glass has a proven track record in the creation and construction of successful real estate community development projects. Additionally, Mr. Glass has taken on significant roles in public policy and government relations in the community development industry.

As Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dana Glass Properties, Inc., (DGP) Michael Glass has led DGP to build award-winning new home communities throughout Pennsylvania. DGP has experience managing all of the operational elements within its communities, including due diligence, project financing, project management, construction management, asset and property management. DGP has fostered excellent relationships in every municipality where we have worked,  across the state and nationwide. DGP has survived the challenges of the recession and the dislocation of the financial markets. We are now ready to execute the rebuilding part of our new post recession business model. We are cycle proven and ready to move.

In an effort to make a meaningful contribution to the housing industry, Mr. Glass has served in a variety of leadership roles in state and national positions. He served the Pennsylvania Builders Association as chairman of the Housing Finance Committee (1998-2000), chairman of the Housing Policy Task Force (2000), and as a member of the Executive Committee (1998-2000). Under the Thomas Ridge Administration, he served on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Housing Advisory Committee (1997-1998) and chaired the Capital Region Housing Advisory Committee (1997-1998). Prior to that, he was a trustee of the National Association of Home Builders Rural Housing Council (1996-1997). He has frequently represented the industry on Capitol Hill and has testified before Congress on housing policy issues. Mr. Glass was recently asked to return to the Pennsylvania Builders Association Housing Finance Committee.

Dana Glass Properties will capitalizing on valuable experience with due diligence, environmental sensitivity, sustainable community design, development, finance and public policy, Mr. Glass is leading DGP into the future. The future will include geographical diversification outside of Pennsylvania and institutional sources of debt and equity.